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Sacred Rituals

Living in Prayer

As an evolving culture, we are coming into more harmonious balance with the natural world, the spirit world and our inter-human world. Within this recreative process, each being that has experienced denser levels of separation from the divine source of all life must lift the veils of limited perception to achieve omni-perspectival awareness and oneness. Living in constant prayer and practicing sacred rituals helps bring greater awareness into every aspect of life.

Heart Circle of Compassion

One of the most essential sacred rituals that allows us to maintian a constant energy of self-referral is the heart circle of compassion. The heart circle is our primary tool for communincating effectively, resolving disputes, relearning to overstand one another, attaining concensus, co-creating visions, peering through the illusion of duality and maintaining the highest vibration of love in all our relations. The basic premise of the heart circle is to allow spiritual presence to infuse reflective clarity into the human process of remembering oneness.

The practice of the Heart Circle guides us through the labyrinth of human drama along the most graceful path of soul evolution, from within to without, from individual soul to group soul to universal soul.

Heart Mind Divine - the trinity of one

The Heart circle begins within each of us as we allow our hearts and minds to harmonize in divine service for the benefit of all sentient beings. Thus at the first hint of imbalance (internal or external), the practice of the heart circle encourages us to go within and seek alignment between our mind (ruled by our physical/emotional/egoic body) and our heart and thus invoke omni-perspectival reflections of the most high. By surrendering to the trinity of heart-mind- divine we are often awarded the clarity to overstand many life lessons.

By maintaining conscious awareness of our heart-mind -divine as we navigate the bumps and curves of the terrestrial school of life, we thrive within the universal heart circle (the universal christ consciousness grid, the realm of awakened light beings, angelics, and ascended masters.)
Many times however, the life-lessons that we experience involve multiple dream characters, especially in community. In these cases, when holding the heart circle with the trinity of one does not provide sufficient resolution, we are guided to expand the heart circle.

Expanding the Heart Circle


At the first by encouraging us to first go within and seek our own divine council and then slowly expand the heart circle to include additional dream characters


The Circle of Thanks

At the Art of Union Manifesto (AUM) HOME in Costa Rica, we carry on a tradition of coming to circle at least one meal per day in order to share our daily thanks.