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Art of Union Spreads Wings

The Art of Union Spreading Wings

Becoming a global ministry
Graduating from Arbol de Vida
The Lessons of My teacher Jon Chapman
The End of an Era : The Diamante Verde Sanctaury
Tenasi on indefinite sabbatical from HOME Community.
Lessons in Creating Community

Aloha blessed family and friends of the the Art of Union HOME in Costa Rica. This letter I am sending out to all of you who have played a crucial role in the evolution of the Art of Union stewardsip of the Diamante Verde Sanctaury and the evolution of the HOME community in Costa Rica.
I am thankful for all of you who came over the past years and shared your blessings in the way of sacred meditations, selfless service, spiritual teachings,  indigenous ceremonies, heart songs, donations, healing work, gardening, building and artful flavoring. And it is to you who supported our vision that  I care to share in clarity this decision that I have come to after much meditation.

As of June 20, 2008 Tenasi and the Art of Union have taken an indefinite sabbatical from the organization formerly known as the HOME Community, and thus will be taking an indefinite leave of absense from the Diamante Verde Sanctuary and Casa de Piedra. The reasons for this separation are many, and are discussed in more detail below.  But in short, although I am eternally grateful for the lessons and gifts received during the past five years here, I have gained increasing clarity that my further direct involvement with this organization is not only impeding the manifestation of truly co-creating Heaven on Mother Earth, but it is endangering my health and general well-being as well.

As I take my leave, I do so with the comfort of knowing that the long awaited “community land trust” has finally been created for the Baru Falls Farm, but unfortunately  not including the Diamante Verde Sanctuary.  I am challenged to even call it a community, as I am leaving in the wake virtually all of our HOME community members, who have left over the last year. Full support I offer to Andreas, Cannon and Akissi, Dave Ayott, Benji, Laura, Jamie, Chandra, Roberto, Pixie Laloo, and Zahrah who each consciously chose to leave HOME on account of the dysfunction rooted at the core of our community.

So it is with both sadness and cheer that I spread my wings, take space and allow the Art of Union to evolve into a global ministry ushering in the co-creation of Heaven on Mother earth on a greater canvas than the lands of Jon Chapman.  For although the flame that we had nurtured so meticulously during our community birthing process has finally flickered out and the current incarnation of the HOME community of the Diamante Valley in Costa Rica has disbanded, the dream of Heaven on Mother Earth is alive and strong in the hearts of those of us who see through these illusive barriers of  time, space, and “attachment to land”.

Already the greater HOME community of Costa Rica is growing magically in the creation of smaller communities stretching from the beach towns of Uvita and Dominical through the Diamante Valley and up into the sacred foothills of Mount Chirripo and the Talamanca mountain range. Many of these satellite communities were formed by people who came down with the intent of joining the HOME community, but who were dissatisfied with the lack of organization and legal structure within the HOME community.

So may I put forth to the universe the manifest intent that the vision birthed within these lands now rise as the phoenix from the fire and spread effortlessly to create a global network of HOME communities. Just as the child whose mother dies giving birth is left for the family to nourish and foster, may the lessons we learned, the blueprint for co-creating HOME community find receptive family to nurture the vision to the next level of manifestation.

Knowing that our goal of co-creating Heaven on Mother Earth was very ambitious, and that our level of commitment was strong, there is much to be gained for future communites from looking objectively at the lessons we learned in our process. It is for that reason that I have put together my reflections on my experience with the HOME community

What will happen to the sacred lands of the former HOME community?

As mentioned above, the long-awaited “community land trust” was signed for the San Salvador Farm, unfortunately not including the Diamante Verde Sanctuary, in the beginning of June 2008. Both Jon and Joyus were recognized as trustors; a circle of nine trustees was created to administer the trust through concensus  including Jon, Leyla, Jesse, Melissa, Jananda, Ron, Joyus, Tenasi and Jan (an visionary artist and community elder who has recently been present to offer support) and named as the beneficiary of the trust is the Arbol de Vida (mystery school).

The creation of the community land trust, despite being done after most of the community members left the project, should be celebrated as it is a new legal creation in the law books of Costa Rica. But but the dysfunctional issues at the core remain, and until healing has occurred at this level, no legal document is going to restore trust or love within the community.

Currently the Baru Falls Farm has one resident, Joyus, and Tree of Life tours is hosting the summer student groups down there.  The community land trust founders council (with my blessing) is currently meeting to create a land development plan for the land. It will likely either become an Ashram per Joyus’ vision, a tent camp offering bed space per Jananda’s vision, or a community offering land-lease options


An offering of Thanks to the Catalysts of Change

I would like to offer my thanks.  Parting with this mountain, with this cave, the garden, the sanctuary which I have devoted the last five years of my life, has been one of the most painful processes  I have ever had to do.  And only with the support that many of you have given during this process, have I been able to lift myself up enough to have the courage to do so. I humbly offer that although I thought I could be the “rock,” the stillness in the turmoil to weather “birthing pains” of our community, I now realize that “no matter how high we think we are, each time we subject ourselves to negative encounters, we diminish our own energies. And the choice to refrain from exposing ourselves to negative environments is always there, no matter how much love and energy we have put into what we are doing.” (quoted from pages 103-104 of the book Oneness, from Oneness, transcribed by Rasha, which has been a lifeline for me during this process).

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you emerging wizards who journeyed down to visit or join the Art of Union HOME over the past year, who in clear reflection of the situation here, left the project and offered me soft concern for my health being involved in such ongoing drama and surrounded by such intense negativity.

And my heart beats strongly today with radiant love for Laloo, Laura, Chandra Ma, and Roberto, who shared their unconditional love and offered full-hearted devotion during the last year in an attempt to resuscitate “Heaven on these parcels of earth,” yet all of whom chose to move on as a sign of the times. And Laloo, I offer special gratitude for your gentle parting words when you brought to my attention the repetitive symptoms of dis-ease and illness in my being which I was ignoring.

 These symptoms escalated to full melt down of my physical being this past June , and I was still not able to let go of my “attachment” to “my vision” my dream of creating the HOME community with loving friends and family committed to living together in inspired service on these sacred lands,  I offer my gratitude to the three wizards simultaneously converged on the community. Keith the Chocolate Shaman from Guatemala, Natalia the gypsy pirate, yogini goddess and JeffreyMateo, the crystal wizard of communities past, present and future. The  support, truth, and nurturing love that each of you offered were the keys to finally break me out of the denial that I had been living, and allow me to surrender my strength and my pride and finally collapse into a healthy healing crisis to process toxic emotional residue that I have been carrying for a long time.

I just returned to Costa Rica from Lago Atilan, Guatemala, where I took a deeply needed rest and physical distancing from the community. ……  

General Suggestions applicable to all communities
1.    Clarify the mission statement of the community before initiating.
2.    Be sure that you share a common vision, agreeable morals, ethics, and lifestyles with other members of the community before initiating.
3.    Be clear in your contracts and agreements (and write them down and have them signed by a legal authority) before initiating.
4.    Determine your process for making decisions and honor it through the creation of the community.
5.    Live within your means and use the law of attraction to manifest abundance rather than getting yourself buried in debt.

A little HOME-Story…
I first came to these mystical lands in June of 2002, following a series of lucid dreams that I had while living in British Colombia. Here I met Jesse and his father Jon Chapman, who owned “the cave” formerly known as Santo Cristo and six other pristine properties and also shared a vision for creating community. The land of high mountains and waterfalls over-looking over the ocean in my dreams, I recognized on my first visit to the Diamante Verde meadow. During a meditation at the top of Diamante Waterfall I received the guidance to co-create a wilderness ashram community up in the pristine lands of the Sanctuary and plant the seed for creating a rainbow (oneness) corridor of community lands from the Pacific Ocean to the base of Mount Chirripo.   Sleeping in the cave, or Casa de Piedra, I experienced magnificently lucid dreams and recognized it as a portal to aid seekers in the making the evolutionary  shifts in preparation for coming into oneness. Almost immediately I put out the word to the conscious family tribe of the north.

During my first six months at the cave I lived more like an elf, sleeping in the cave, and then running down or up the mountain to explore other lands and community projects around Costa Rica.  During this time I also got to know Jon and the rest of his  family, including his wife Leyla and three beautiful daughters. As we began to discuss details of the community vision, Jon shared that he had over-extended himself financially in purchasing all the lands and was severely in debt with the possibility of foreclosure looming over in the near future.
 I also noticed a severe tension between Jon and his family and thinking it was either debt related or because they were wary of living so isolated in the jungle, I offered to share the community vision that had so resonated with Jon’s vision.  I hoped the mention of artsy, musical co-creative abundant community living would inspire them with hope, and instead my words seemed to strike fear into their hearts and from that point on I was treated with animosity bordering on hostility every time I entered the Chapman house.
Jon assured me that his family would warm up to the idea of community once they got a feel for thriving community life, and in fact he felt offering his family a community to grow in was possibly the greatest gift he could ever give them.  I honored him for his commitment to his family’s highest good, and we continued discussing the community vision without the family.
What really inspired me about Jon was his almost youthful spiritual exuberance and openness for new ways of thinking.  Although he had been raised the son of a Christian minister, he had studied A Course in Miracles which had inspired him tremendously to break away from orthodox Christian thinking.  With respect to community, he didn’t seem to have a clear vision of what the community would look like, or how it would function, but he clearly saw that the seven properties would serve as a spiritual school to facilitate people’s journey of self discovery. It seemed a little odd to me that he had manifested precisely these lands without a clear vision for them, until he shared that he was waiting for other people like myself to arrive and help him co-create the vision.
He listened as I shared my vision of creating a oneness corridor of intentional communities that each served as a different school or portal into which people of all walks of life would be drawn, within which they would all learn aspects of healthy community living.  Jon radiated with enthusiasm as I described each segment of the campus of artful living, from the urban oasis in the city to the, village heart in the valley, to the silent ashram up on the top of the mountain. Each campus linked and supported bya network of  cottage industries, healing centers, adventure tourism, prayerformance groups, etc.
I had been studying and living in intentional communities for several years, and had continually felt the need for separate parcels of land in diverse bioregions, where people would have the ability to move around from land to land, perhaps connected by abundant food-forests.

Over the past four years, I Tenasi and an ever evolving crew of  jungle jedis (and jediesses) have held sacred space up in the Diamante Verde Sancruary, overlooking the diamante valley and the pacific ocean below. We have held this sanctuary nurturing the vision of creating conscious community.

Lessons from my Teacher – Jon Chapman

Many times I have felt and even spoken that the reason I am have committed my life to this project and recruited dozens of potential community members (or students) to participate in this experiment, is because of the sacred lands.  But to suppose that the land was the sole reason for my presence here, would be to deny that here I found my greatest teacher, Jon Chapman.

I have been consciously practicing and studying with spiritual teachers from around the world for over a dozen years. I have studied with Chi Kung masters from China that shifted my cosmic reality in a matter of weeks. I have pursued teachings from around the globe, but I never felt compelled to stay with a single teacher for more than a few months to a year. Why then did I commit myself to the school of Jon Chapman for over half a decade? What was it that he had to share with me that kept my attention and my dedication to investing years of hard work and thousands of dollars of investment of my own money into lands that he owns and controls?

Yes, I believed in Jon Chapman. I believed in his dream, as his dream was my dream as well. In the first months that I spent with Jon we shared moments of realization, we saw through the illusion of separation between people, we saw through the contrived construct of land ownership, we saw collective co-creation manifesting abundance, love and harmony on these lands. And we saw this model of creative communal manifestation then spreading through the lands, serving as a model for other communities sharing the same dream and holding a similar vision.

And I shared this resonance with Jon, he shared that he knew that his role in this creation was limited, that once a committed group of creative manifestors arrived he would put the lands in a trust and allow the circle to steward the lands. I  Jon willing to contribute his lands, or “these lands that spirit guided him to steward”

During my formative years working with the Arbol de Vida project, many people questioned the amount of energy and funds that I was contributing to the project without any contract or written agreement with Jon, that entitled me to some security for my investment. I always appreciated the perspective I received from people’s concerns regarding this, but I assured them that I had complete faith that we would successfully create a communally owned trust  for the land of the HOME Community and that my investments would then melt into the pot of collective contribution

Perhaps we were overly ambitious in our goal of creating HOME
As I witnessed this phase of evolution of HOME self destruct, I have often been struck with the thought that perhaps humans as a species are not yet ready to embrace the liberated paradigm of cocreative harmonious community.
As I saw layers of trust dwindle, fear escalate and lists of rules, by laws and membership agreements form, I felt the uncanny familiarity of living in conformist society.
And perhaps it is true. Perhaps