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Core Family

The Art of Union family is an international family of conscious yogis, shamans, healers, musicians, dancers, farmers,artisans and scientists who are all eternal teachers and students in the Universal School of Life.

We are each making the transition from living in various degrees of separation from the heart-mind divine into the oneness in which "I am another you" and "You are another me." One of the most important steps within this process of evolution is the creation of the sangha, or spiritual family of compassionate beings who are present in our lives with the intention of aiding us along on our spiritual journey.

As an international, sometimes nomadic, tribe, our family is rarely in the same place at the same time. Through choosing to join us at our omni-dimensional table, by either attending one of our evolutionary retreats, volunteering within the HOME collective communities, or receiving care from any of our healing centers, you will be welcomed into our sangha to feel the love, devotion, compassion and vision of our core family.

Family Currently Present

 Marcos "del monte" Olivares

Marcos "del monte" Olivares


 Chandra and Roberto  
Don Travisto  Don Travisto
Tenasi Tenasi
Chapman Family Loving Chapman Family