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Andrea Shanti

Mother and Alchemical co-creator of Art of Union


A mystic mother and lover of the sensual art of union, holding the space of a queen with Quan Yin Compassion to bring together the lost children of scattered tribes, creating alchemical mixtures and extending tolerance to bridge worlds separated by age-old dogmas, judgments, and fears, Andrea holds forth the torch of "All love" guided by humble intention for the most harmonious, human evolution in the recreation of Heaven On Mother Earth (HOME).

Raised within the conservative confines of the sprawling suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona, Andrea experienced worldly success working in France, only to be sadly disillusioned by the manipulative, dark energies of the international modeling agencies, restaurants and night clubs of Paris.

After returning to University of Arizona in 1992, Andrea discovered rock climbing which ignited a renewed passion for living an exhilarating, alternative lifestyle. She found healing of her own wound up being through massage and soon quit college to enroll at The Desert Institute of Healing Arts in Tucson, AZ. Thus began her career as a healer, which she carried on the road with her as a nomadic rock climber. Andrea continued her massage training in Thailand, where she apprenticed with Thai massage master Chongkol Settakorn.
Fascinated by the herbal alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, she soon began creating her own healing potions and sharing them with the rock climbing community. The arrival of her son, and greatest teacher, Bela, in 1997 grounded her intentions of creating an herbal health care business, "Holistic Body Therapy".

Over the last seven years Andrea has apprenticed with world renowned herbalists: Christopher Hobbs; Kami McBride at the Living Awareness Institute; and Robin Martin of Olala Farms. She attributes much of her alchemical wisdom to these teachers.
While expanding her external alchemy practice and business, Andrea broadened her shamanic studies with her mentors Peggy Dylan at Sundoor School of Transpersonal Education and Heather Ash at the Toltec Center for Creative Intent.

Andrea is a mother, a healer, a holistic and alchemical body care guru, gifted with a heightened sensual perception, categorical precision and the intuition to serve the benefit of all sentient beings. She embraces her human-ness in the spiritual path, and encourages all to please the senses and fulfill earthly desires as we aspire to reach reflective states of oneness.

Andrea and her son Bela have recently moved to Mount Shasta, where she directs her rapidly expanding Holistic Body Therapy business and is anchoring down the HOME node in Northern California.