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Tenasi Rama

Founder of the Art of Union

Out of Thick Jungle executive summary

Born Scott Lazar and raised in Greenville, SC, Tenasi has followed the warrior's path to pursue yoga and the "Art of Union."Tenasi Cacao Ceremony

A former robotics engineer with a BS in mechanical engineering and masters degree in environmental engineering from Clemson University, he shifted professions after several years of evironmental engineering project managementĀ  to "follow his heart" and pursue his true passion of rock climbing. Among his achievements as an internationally renowned climber was the first free ascent of Angel Falls in Venezuela. He began studying yoga in 1989 to enhance concentration and flexibility for climbing. After experiencing a miraculous self-healing while on expedition in Patagonia in 1996, he began devoting his life to yoga and his spiritual path. He developed his own style of yoga and began teaching in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In 1998, after a 70 foot fall left him deep in the Venezuelan jungle alone with two broken legs, he crawled out and found synergistic healing under the care of a powerful shaman, a master orthopedic surgeon, and a star being from Andromeda. He emerged four months later, healed and with to the realization that heaven is right here on earth and it is up to us to recreate it.

He then created and directed the Movement Energy and Transformation Program at the Cliff Spa at Snowbird in Utah for three years, before leaving in to live the life of an yogi while searching for the roots of harmonious spiritual community. Over the past six years he has put himself through rigorous cleansing and purification processes to help cleanse the doors of perception. Scott Lazar was reawakened Tenasi Rama, "He who now sees god-goddess God" in 2001 after emerging from a four month, solo, winter retreat in British Columbia.

Tenasi emerged from his retreat with the inspiration to adopt a live food live-it and realized the art of Food Yoga. Following spirit and living as a nomad yogi, with few possessions, Tenasi was guided to Costa Rica to find sacred lands to create conscious community. After discovering the Diamante Verde Sanctuary, he began leading the "Art of Union" retreats combining yoga, live foods and internal cleansing. In 2003 he was initiated into the Galactic Federation of light beings during an 20 day solo darkness meditation in a cave in Mexico and was guided to write his autobiography, Out of Thick Jungle, to share his spiritual journey. He is now enjoying the co-creation of Heaven On Mother Earth (HOME) with a divine cast of dream characters who share the same dream.

Over the last 15 years, Tenasi Scott Rama Lazar has learned from many masters including the Dali Lama and has studied the following forms of yoga: Raja yoga (Hatha, Astanga), Kundalini Tantra, Taoist yoga (tai chi, qigong), Sufi yoga, Egyptian yoga (teachings of the Egyptian mystery schools), Tibetan dream yoga, Japanese Bhuto, Tuvan and Mongolian Throat Chanting, Australian aboriginal yoga (didjeridoo) as well as North and South American Indigenous shamanism.