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3rd annual Ethnobotonical Symposium 2008

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Join the Art of Union Manifesto (AUM) Crew, Frank Cook, Luis Poveda and a host of tropical plant experts for an evolutionary opportunity in Costa Rica to cultivate our relationships of self, plants, and community.

We invite you to a five-day ethnobotanical symposium and higher limbs yoga intensive at the Diamante Verde Sanctuary, culminating with an optional New Years Eve medicinal ceremony.

Throughout the symposium we will practice, live food nutrition, sacred songs, and share the biodynamic secrets of identifying, using, harvesting and propagating native medicinal/edible tropical plants.

The AUM Crew is honored to host international botanical explorer and edible plant guru, Frank Cook, and a collection of native Costa Rican plant experts including, world reknown ethnobotanist Luis Poveda, Tin from the Ark Herb Farm, Marcos del Monte, and the Satya Seele for this immersion into the edible/medicinal plant kingdom.


Minumum Donation for Ethnobotanical Symposium $250 ($333 including the ceremony)

Retreat FAQs : Photo Gallery

Ethnobotanical Symposium at Diamante Verde

Our circle will gather December 27th - 28th in the Catedral de Piedra at the Diamante Verde Spiritual Sanctuary in the heart of the Tinnamaste Mountains. For five days, we will relax into the nurturing energy of this magnificent natural temple, eat vitalizing vegetarian meals harvested out of our organic garden, cultivate a daily higher limbs yoga practice, swim in pristine natural pools, prepare plant medicines, and expand our botanical knowledge in one of the most floraly diverse regions of Costa Rica.

With the guidance of five unique medicinal plant teachers, we will dive into the diverse ethnobotany of the Diamante verde wilderness sanctuary and medicinal gardens. We will initiate a relationship with about 50 of the most common tropical plant families, and learn the biodynamic secrets of propagating and harvesting medicinal herbs.
On New Years Eve, we will come together as emerging earth wizards and embrace the opportunity to be led by Luis Poveda in a sacred medicine (optional) ceremony.

Throughout the journey, Frank Cook, Tin and our local teachers will share modern and ancient biodynamic secrets of identifying, using, harvesting and propagating native, medicinal and edible tropical plants. We will balance the outer wisdom with daily inner practices to expand our collective consciousness, including higher limbs yoga, the heart circle of compassion, conscious nutrition, and sharing heart-warming devotional songs. And throughout the symposuium, we will eat yummy fresh organic produce from the Diamante Verde gardens

  • Retreat Accomodations

    At Diamante Verde Spiritual Sanctuary, we will sleep in the Catedral de Piedra, a natural stone temple in the jungle, perched above the 600-foot Diamante waterfall overlooking the pacific ocean.

    These sacred caves have held Christ Consciousness Energy through countless generations of indigenous shamans and modern day saints. The rustic, wilderness environment connects visitors to the womb of the earth, while a fully equipped kitchen, mattresses on stone beds, and a pair of elegant composting toilets provide comfortable accomodations.


    "The mere journey to this sacred cliff-dwelling, a two-hour hike (or horse ride) up through an ancient growth jungle often catalyzes profound transformation."

    Participants are encouraged to bring their own sheets, a warm blanket, a mat, warm clothes and rain gear. Please read our frequently asked questions page Retreat FAQs for more detailed suggestions about what to bring.

    Retreat Guides and AUM Crew
    Sharing our collective mastery in the full spectrum Art of Union Manifesto (AUM) offerings:



      Tenasi Rama
    Co-founder of the Art of Union and the Church of AUM
    Former creator of Movement Energy and Transformation Program at the Cliff Spa at Snowbird, with a Masters of Science in Environmental Engineering, seven years teaching experience in higher limbs yoga, nutritional consultant, certified tropical permaculture designer, and author of "Out of Thick Jungle". He now leads a humble life of service through sharing mystery school teachings, leading retreats, thriving off newer and newer forms of sunlight energy, creating gardens and devoting his entire being to the re-creation of Heaven on Mother Earth (HOME).


      Frank Cook
    Botanical Explorer
    Internationally renowned edible wild plant expert and author of several books on plants and healers, Frank Cook brings with him 13 years of worldly experience in leading plant walks and spiritual pilgrimages to identify and harvest edible plants. He has been initiated into many ways of walking with plants by Herbalists, Shamen, Vaidyas, Sangomas, Green Witches, Doctors, Professors, Medicine Men...all around the world. In recent years Frank is finding more and more opportunities to facilitate plant walks and health workshops for schools, conferences, and gatherings of all kinds.



      Luis Poveda & Tin
    Native Costa Rican Jungle Plant Medicine Experts
    Luis Poveda is dean of ethno-botany at the University of Costa Rica. Tin apprenticed under Luis and is now managing the Ark Herb Farm in Herredia, see


      Marcos del Monte
    A native of San Salvador, Costa Rica, just below the Diamante Verde Healing Sanctuary, Marcus del Monte has lived and worked in the jungle his whole life. In addition to edible and medicinal plant wisdom, he will share amazing knowledge about the hundreds of varieties of trees in the jungle and their uses. Legend has it that Marcos can machete a tunnel through the thick jungle undergrowth faster than any gringo can walk through it!!



    Jesse Chapman : jungle jedi master, inspirational musician, and certified mountain guide
    Jonathon : lyrical jungle gnome, world class soccer player and certified mountian guide
    Familia Seele : An enchanted family of modern shamans with an expertise in highland jungle flora and fauna developed over 20 years of homesteading in Costa Rica.

    Recognizing the teacher/student in all of us, the Art of Union encourage all participants to offer their wisdom, love and inspiration during this co-creative experience. We are all weaving this web together. Only through embracing our union will we allow the graceful fulfillment of the next phase of this epic collective dream, the co-creation of Heaven on Mother Earth and the Rainbow Corridor!!

    Minumum Donation for Ethnobotanical Symposium $250 ($333 including the ceremony)

    Retreat FAQs : Photo Gallery

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