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Devotional Retreats

For thousands of years this sacred mountain and the cave at Diamante Verde Sanctuary has been the destination of people coming to seek silence, peace, equanimity and healing from the sacred waters. While we have uplifted the facilities and staff to embrace a wide range of people , we still honor the sacred essence of these lands to receive earth's children who come to pray and meditate in the womb of the earth


Meditating in the Cave


In honoring this pursuance of truth, we have created the Devotional Private Retreats for those who come bringing a grounded practice of devotion, meditation, or other daily practice to share with the spirit of the mountain. These nature of these retreats varies widely and we therefore choose to discuss options with groups on an individual basis. Dharma Retreats are available when the cave is open to receive.












 To initiate dialogue to create a Devotional retreat for your group, please contact us through