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Experience Opportunity

The most efficient and enriching way to immediately engage in community life!!


The Experience Opportunity will allow you to take a break from your regular life routine and participate in the co-creation of Heaven on Mother Earth in Costa Rica. Taste, Feel, and Live the many different aspects of our Spirit-guided community as we plunge ever deeper into the miracle of Life. You may not want to leave (an opportunity that will also be provided).


Rainforest Trekking, Tropical Organic Farming, Yoga/Meditation, Communal Living, Rappelling/Abseiling, Local Tico Culture... also: natural building, trips to the beach, trips to the local market (one of the finest agricultural producers' markets in the world), dancing, drum circles, cliff jumping, Native American sweat lodge ceremonies, non-violent communication training, community heart-circles, and much, much more!!

A typical "a-typical" day at HOME:

~wake up with the rising sun to the sounds of birds singing and monkeys howling

~tea (made with herbs from our own gardens)

~1-2 hours of Devotional time (opportunities for yoga, meditation, personal quiet time)


~Play Time!! (This is the part of the day when we focus on the more physically invigorating activities that comprise our existence here.)


~Relaxation Time (opportunities for discussion groups, arts and crafts, reading... or just a good time to lay in the sun or go for a swim in one of the numerous waterfalls or pools on our sacred lands.)



~rest and make beautiful dreams

*All meals are vegan, and are prepared with Love. Between 50-75% of our food comes from our own garden.


We are currently offering the following session:

January 25-February 9, 2008


Full price -- $900*

Couples/Partners -- $1550

Youth under 15 -- $450



Retreat FAQs : Photo Gallery : Scholarships

These prices include all food, lodging, classes, tours, activities, and local transportation.

*Financial assistance is available- please don't be afraid to ask!

Where does your money go?

As we are a non-profit organization, all proceeds go directly into the community itself and serve to: provide sustenance for the community, improve upon and expand our infrastructure, help balance the financial needs of the local populace and support Tico community service projects, help protect and preserve our sacred lands, provide assistance for participants in need, and many other diverse uses. Most importantly, it helps to ensure a high level of commitment and an energetic balance to this event.


A $250 non-refundable deposit will secure your place in the Experience Opportunity. The number of participants is limited to 20 people per session, so be sure to register early! Full payment is due no later than 30 days prior to the start of your session.


For further information, please email