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Seven Fold Path - Inner Quest Retreat

Enjoy A Return to Oneness

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span class="medbrown"span class="biggreen"from the Living Centre in Canada

  • Re-dream the solutions for your future.
  • Take time to play and relax in the arms of Mother Earth.
  • - Say YES! to the experience of feeling FULLY ALIVE!
  • The lush beauty of Costa Rica provides an inspiring environment to heal, cleanse, purify and re-awaken every higher quality within you.

Warmed by the sun, massaged by tropical waters, and awakened by the song of the jungle, let yourself be lulled into health, joy and peaceful harmony.

We invite you to join us for a life changing experience. Enter one of the worlds most beautiful, pristine and healing settings. Experience the transformation that awaits as you let the healing powers of 'all that is natural' enfold and carry you to new heights of vitality.

"Ancient healers knew Earth as the all-nourishing Mother, the great Educator and Healer; a place of boundless love and a profound source of joy."


with Lorenna Bousquet-Kacera & Shantree Kacera D.N., Ph.D., founders of Spirit of the Earth, The Living Centre

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The Sevenfold Path Inner Quest

You will not find an other place like this in all of Costa Rica. Unique and stunningly beautiful Diamante Verde is nature’s sanctuary. It offers the invitation to return to the arms of mother earth and be renewed. Diamante Verde Sanctuary is Situated in 200 acres of pristine cloud/rain forest with pasture lands, mountain ranges and river valleys, 2 mountain ranges, 12 waterfalls, 4 swimming holes, over 15 miles of hiking and horseback riding trails, and accommodation in a fully equipped cave/overhang behind a 90 foot waterfall, Diamante Sanctuary extends a powerful invitation to come back home to all that we know is true and real.
A natural haven, carved by the Elements, free of electronic energy and worldly distractions, The Sevenfold Path Inner Quest Retreat is a time. to revive your connection to the foundational elements of Self and Earth, and return to the sacred centre that is at the heart of all things. The ’Inner Quest’ is a deeply healing experience that cleanses the body-mind and feeds the spirit, taking us to the ecstatic peaceful Self and Truth of who we are Pure water, clean air, virgin forest, breathtaking landscapes will be your home and invitation to Return to Oneness
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Pause from your life; seek the answers and awaken to all that is Essential to create a life of vitality, joy, peace and health.