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H.O.M.E Community Vision

About our H.O.M.E. (Heaven on Mother Earth) Community

HOME family loveOur Mission -- Heaven on Mother Earth is a spirit-inspired intentional community on the southern pacific side of Costa Rica dedicated to creating exactly that: Heaven on Mother Earth. We strive to create this by respecting, nurturing, and cultivating the lands of this Earthly Paradise, as well as our inner selves; we seek to come into harmony by focusing on developing healthy relationships with each other, the planet, and with the Spirit which links all things.

Our Vision -- We, at H.O.M.E., choose to embrace and celebrate the abundance and joy which are present in every moment, and to identify and provide diverse and rewarding ways to share this with all those who are ready. We seek to exist in a state of surrender to the Divine, to set aside our own personal wants and desires so that we may become nothing less than instruments for the manifestation of Divine Will.

Our Lands
-- H.O.M.E. currently consists of over 300 acres of some of the most powerful, inspiring, and fertile lands in all of Costa Rica, and thus the world. We are blessed to steward diverse lands, including waterfall-hidden caves in the heart of the jungle, pristine cloud rainforest, mountaintop lookout points with awe-inspiring views, butterfly-laden meadows, gentle pasture lands nestled into an emerald green river valley, and much, much more.

Our People -- H.O.M.E. is a multi-generational learning community which welcomes all people seeking to live in harmony with the Earth, with Spirit, and with each other. We are a family originating from many different parts of the world, each person with a different background, area(s) of expertise, and level of commitment. Here we recognize every person as an expression of the Divine, and encourage everyone to contribute according to their ability, motivation, and most importantly inspiration!