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Newsletter December 2005

November 30, 2005
San Jose, Costa Rica

Aloha Familia,

Estamos ahora en costa rica… and we are witnessing magical manifestation and the parting of clouds as the most intense wet season in over twenty years makes way for sunshine, a summer of love and the co-creation of the most high “Heaven on Mother Earth” unfolding before our very eyes. Developments over the last six months have woven the Art of Union Manifesto, HOME and Rainbow Corridor projects into the next level of planetary alignment. This letter highlights some of these recent evolutions and seeks to sound the bell calling all angelic beings who feel resonance to come play key roles in the fulfillment of our collective dream.

I. Art of Union Manifesto (AUM) Updates

Two new AUM retreats offered in February 2006

Bhagavandas Yoga and Kirtan retreat at the Diamante Verde Peserve
February 9-20, 2006.
Join the Art of Union AUM Crew as we welcome Bhagavandas for 11 days of spiritual renewal and inspiration.
Please stay tuned for retreat details at

Spiritual Cleansing retreat with Lorenna & Shantree Kacera D.N., Ph.D
February 23- March 6, 2006
The AUM crew welcomes Lorenna & Shantree Kacera D.N., Ph.D of the Living Center in London, Ontario for a two week cleansing and purification retreat at the Diamante Verde sanctuary.
Retreat details will be available soon at and at

The upcoming (December 9-20) Guardians of Eden retreat and medicinal/edible plant symposium has shape-shifted since its inception six months ago to become a sojourn pilgrimage from Cerro del Muerte to Diamante Verde. We will be forging a new route along a proposed western sector of the Costa Rican Rainbow Corridor. This mystical land and the people harmoniously living within its boundary are currently severely threatened by national legislation and free trade agreements. During our journey we will meet and stay with plant healers and shamans turned activist who will share how the creation of a rainbow corridor may be the perfect solution to saving this land from exploitation while promoting regenerative culture.
The last five days of the journey we will retreat within the healing waters and nurturing embrace of the cathedral de piedra in the Diamante Verde healing sanctuary.

Accompanying us for this journey is a growing international collective of jungle plant experts including:
Frank Cook – international botanical explorer and author of several books on edible plants
Carlos Fallas – Native Costa Rican Jungle Plant Medicine Expert and University Professor
Marcus del Monte – Local Bushmaster, jungle plant and tree expert
Familia Seele – An enchanted family of modern shamans with an expertise in highland jungle flora and fauna developed over 20 years of homesteading in Costa Rica.

Of course sharing our collective mastery in the full spectrum Art of Union Manifesto offerings will be the AUM crew, including

Kristen (Luna) Ray – providing inspirational heartsong and creative vocalization techniques
Shakina Ma – jungle princess and melodic muse
Savitra - Ishia ascension yogi, musician and jungle jedi
Clinton - glowing father, lovairian live foods chef, inventor of the raw cinnamon twists!!

And I Tenasi will be along to offer encouragement, love and yogic inspiration to allow graceful fulfillment of the next phase of this epic collective dream – the co-creation of the Costa Rican Rainbow Corridor!! (see below)

Following the natural curvature of the Chirripo Mountains to the north west, our journey will begin in the misty heights of Cerro del Muerte, a 10,000 foot pass which kept south western Costa Rica separated from the rest of the country until 30 years ago when the Pan American highway finally carved its way through.

Our first stop will be in the Seele homestead, a rustic lodge hand built by a three angelic sisters Janie, Satya and Wendy with their brother Andy. This enchanted family will then share their expertise of highland flora and fauna as we wander our way down the west side of the mountains into the Sevegre valley through what the Seele’s call the sweeter, softer (albeit cooler) jungle into the town of Providencia. Be sure to bring warm sweaters in addition to protective raingear for this section of the journey.

From Providencia, we will continue down to the small village of Piedra Blanca where we will stay with a local curranderro, visit stunning caves and rest for a day. From there we make a long beautiful trek (horseback optional) up the Rio Division to reach the Tinnamaste Mountians which then lead us southward to the Diamante Verde Preserve.

II. The Costa Rican rainbow Corridor – revisited

The idea of the rainbow corridor has undoubtedly been floating through the akashic records for millennia, but it started germinating in the collective heartmind of the Costa Rican rainbow family during or after the 2002 international rainbow gathering in the cloud forest near Monte Verde. The vision of the rainbow corridor is to utilize modern-indigenous, permaculture principles to create sustainable corridors of land that preserve wildlife AND promote regenerative culture.

A true “demonstration nation” Costa Rica has offered the world an example of natural conservation by creating protected parks and animal corridors in over 10 percent of the country. Within the designation of these protected lands is a growing effort to establish wildlife corridors to allow unrestricted migration of various animals, such as the “path of the tapir,” which aims to create an interconnected path along the southern pacific zone of Costa Rica for this gentle terrestrial mammal. While the creation of protected wilderness areas is admirable, caution must be advised to preserve harmonious, rural Costa Rican ( Tico) lifestyles as well. A newly proposed wildlife preserve in the sevegre valley threatens to displace thousands of ticos who have been peacefully and harmoniously living there for several generations.

Rather than creating a pure wilderness experience to introduce survival skills, the vision of the rainbow corridor is to demonstrate and practice true symbiotic human/earth “thrival” skills. Through skillful propagation of hardy indigenous edible plants, the creation of food forests, the designation of purely wild lands, the utilization of low impact and free energy sources, and the design of a full spectrum of conscious living environments, the rainbow corridor will offer opportunities for local farmers and modern evolutionaries to relearn to come into unity as a people and maintain harmony with the bioregional animal, plant and mineral kingdoms.

Creating regenerative culture is inclusive rather than exclusive. Rather than displacing local culture, the Rainbow Corridor aims to embrace it. The Art of Union has recently formed a strong alliance with the Costa Rican Conservation Trust which has been developing a land conservation trust structure that encourages local inhabitants to keep possession over their land that is integrated into conservation trusts. With the money that would have been used to purchase the lands, the CRCT has been helping the local residents develop and operate sustainable, eco-friendly businesses that encourage more cooperation and involvement with us newcomers. Please check out their website or read The Bigger Picture, an article by CRCT founder Kimberly Newton de Klootwy for additional information on this unique conservation strategy.

Although the Costa Rican rainbow corridor will eventually form an interconnected web throughout the entire country, the natural first bridge across the country has collectively been visualized between Punta Mona on the Caribbean Coast and the Art of Union HOME on the Pacific coast. The Guardians of Eden pilgrimage and plant medicine symposium will traverse and establish the western arc of the rainbow corridor from the north west ridge of Mount Chirripo through the threatened Sevegre River valley to Diamante Verde in the Tinnamaste mountains.

With Costa Rican presidential elections approaching, and political/corporate “free trade” agendas threatening to displace many of the peaceful residents of this sacred region, the time is now to align with the locals, harness our collective powers of manifestation and create a unified Rainbow Corridor that demonstrates Costa Rica’s abundant natural resources are best managed by the people for the people. So with the grace of the nature spirits, we put forth the call to all rainbow warriors and angels who feel heart-mind divine resonance with and are prepared to serve the creation of the Costa Rican rainbow Corridor.

If you feel called to participate in the rainbow corridor project and would like to join us for the Guardians of Eden pilgrimage and retreat from December 9-20, 2005, we still have five spaces available. Within this call to family, we put forth that we have increased the number of half-price work trade positions and are open to price negotiations. Also a note that airline prices have actually dropped in the past weeks and there seems to be no restrictions on advance purchase of tickets (i.e. you can buy a ticket for tomorrow at the same price as two weeks from now). Also there has been word of stand by tickets from San Francisco for around $250. So if you feel the call to join us on this magical journey – trust that you will be able to flow with ease and grace.

III. Heaven on Mother Earth – Our HOME collective community in Costa Rica.

As we co-create a new model of symbiotic thriving community within our HOME in Costa Rica and along the rainbow corridor, it is crucial that we encourage public interaction to foster sharing all aspects of regenerative culture with interested people from all walks of life and to prevent gaining the reputation as a secretive cult. One aspect of reaching out that has gained collective resonance within our tribe is the creation of urban oasis’s with a restaurant and hostel where we can offer culinary arts, crafts, wisdom teachings, cottage industry products, healing arts and allow people to feel the energy of the HOME community.

Stephen Brooks of Punta Mona initiated the movement into the urban centers two years ago with Casa Mona, a hostel in San Pedro. This elegant space in the city has acted as a nucleus for travelers and Ticos seeking to broaden their horizons in sustainable community.

This year the Art of Union HOME community has acquired two new urban residences with the intention of creating urban oasis’s in San Isidro del General and in downtown San Jose!

A Lovairian Oasis in San Jose

In the heart of Costa Rica’s capital city San Jose, the Art of Union HOME collective has purchased a five bedroom house with a two car garage within walking distance of the plaza central and university district. Our intentions are to renovate the house into a lovairian oasis with comfy sleeping space, speedy internet connection and a kitchen offering vital foods. The lovairian oasis will offer Art of Union retreat participants and HOME community members a safe nurturing place to land when they first arrive in Costa Rica and will serve as a gateway to interact with the progressive holistic community in San Jose.

With the grace of the city devas and arch angels above, we put forth the call to family who feels inspired to serve our collective creation of Heaven on Mother Earth though a commitment to create and nurture a magical urban portal in San Jose!

A School of Life in San Isidro del General

Also within the last few weeks, the Art of Union HOME collective has rented a house surrounded by three expansive studio complexes on the outskirts of San Isidro del General. This urban campus holds infinite potential for grounding out the collective vision of creating a school of life for all aspects of regenerative culture.

In the immediate, parts of the San Isidro school of life campus are being renovated to offer spiritual-based, drug rehabilitation to help many of the disillusioned and wayward souls of San Isidro regain their center and follow a righteous path of positive creation.

A vital part of rehabilitation, however is self-empowerment through re-education of the creative and healing arts. With this in mind, we envision creating artisan workshops, courses in natural healing, prayerformance arts, and other aspects of the school of life that our family is prepared to share. We also maintain the vision of recruiting several master wood carvers from bali to help spread high level craftsmanship.

The san Isidro school of life campus will also be an ideal initial location for a lovairian vital foods restaurant and chef training center.

Located in the wide valley at the base of Mount Chirripo, San Isidro del General offers a less hectic urban environment than San Jose, surrounded by pristine mountains and is less than an hour’s drive or five hour hike from Diamante Verde Sanctuary and our HOME farmlands. Participation in the San Isidro School of Life is ideal for Art of Union HOME collective beings who prefer to live in an urban environment yet remain close to the happenings on the farm and retreat center.

With the grace of the guardian spirits of Mount Chirripo, we put forth the call to family who feels inspired to become a part of the Art of Union HOME collective community through serving the creation of the San Isidro School of Life.

HOME Collective Community Farm – Finca Baru

A little over six months ago, the 50 acre parcel of HOME land bordering the magnificent Nayacca waterfall was an over-grown thicket with a narrow pathway winding its way to the falls below. Soon after the first annual AUM evolutionary equinox retreat, our dear brother Benjamin Pahl decided to commit his love, energy and permaculture skills to recreate a parcel of heaven on earth. With a team of enthusiastic locals and Joyus Peter, who arrived in July 2005, Benji almost magically transformed the land into a virtual paradise of fruit trees and ornamental plants. As the jungle brush was cleared a most ideal landscape was revealed that offers an abundance of ideal building sites and temple spaces.

For that purpose, the HOME collective community purchased an abundance of industrial strength billboard fabric with the intention of erecting a rainbow village of cleverly designed icosahedrons and simple temple spaces. With the grace of the river deities, we put forth the call for experienced and enthusiastic carpenters, builders, farmers and creatresses of sacred space to come be a part of this evolving farm. Please contact Benjamin or Joyus for specific information.

Give thanks family
Tenasi Rama