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Lauren Anael Pixie DuBois

 Lauren Dubois
Lauren is a being of incarnated light here to holistically help people awaken to our true potential.  Lauren Anael Pixie DuBois is a licenced "Holistic health practitioner", body-being worker, massage therapist, yoga /movement teacher, nutrition guide,  lovarian, mystic artist above all a lover of life.  She has been studding/practicing  many forms of healing for 10 years with over 2000 hours of  modality certifications, initiations , intuitively integrating all aspects of life, to help us to live in our ganuian alignment to discover our own authentic rythm, to relase what no longer serves us to activate our true selves.  Her intention in life is  to help each being learn how to fully utilize our tools/skills needed to align our body, souls, breath and mind, to heal our selves each other and our earth, so we can truly live in a world of peace and love.  She has a website  which a gives a deeper description of her healing practice what she offers other retreat links to other light connections, and a clearer understanding on  what she truly means to 'holistically awaken'.   Lauren  Anael belives in order to master something you have to teach you have to live your Truth.    We live in a living  world were every  things spirals.  We breathe we transform every being has everything we need to to live   the "art of union''.  Threw clarity presence compassion acceptance joy and kindness we can awaken our world.