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"Jungle Jedi" Program

At the Art of Union Manifesto (AUM) Heaven On Mother Earth (HOME) community, we are all devotees to the most high, to entering the new paradigm, to consciously co-creating Heaven on Mother Earth through practicing the Art of Union. Our community is centered around the heart-circle of compassion and the pillars of individual healing, selfless service, collective soul evolution, regenerative culture and land stewardship.

Through observing that devoted beings with varying degrees of experience, commitment and financial abundance are drawn to learn from and contribute to the AUM HOME, we have created (in addition to the Evolutionary Retreats) a Jungle Jedi Participation Program to embrace all who come to serve, while maintaining an energetic balance of giving and receiving. Our intention is for the Jungle Jedi Participation Program to be the main portal through which newcomers are uplifted and empowered to enter the AUM HOME community.

Jungle Jedi-Participation Program

The Jedi Program is open to all visitors who come to the community with the intention to offer selfless service. Financial contributions vary between each phase of the jedi program.


  • Visitors - When newcomers arrive at the Art of Union HOME, they will be greeted as visitors. We find that almost everyone who comes HOME experiences a profound shift and we thus offer everyone the time to observe, rest, and heal as they integrate into the community and feel where they are drawn to live and serve.


  • Apprentices- At the end of two weeks, we circle with visitors to agree whether they will remain as a visitor or enter the apprentice program, on their way to becoming activated jedis.

  • Jungle Jedi(Jediess) An initiation in the mystery school teachings, the practice of selfless service and preparation to become a council member.


  • Council Member - Pilots of the AUM HOME lightship

  • for more information about each phase of the program, please scroll below!!!


Visitors (Phase 1)

Most people who come to the AUM HOME experience an evolutionary shift as they acclimate to the pristine tropical jungle life within a new paradigm community. To allow this initial transformation we offer everyone the time to observe, rest and heal before they are ready to commit to physical work, or otherwise contribute to the co-creation of our community. Visitors will be encouraged to take time for themselves, receive the healing the land has to offer, listen to the plants and animals, bathe in the sacred waters, wander through the gardens, partake in heart circles and yoga classes, meet the community, ask many questions, read the community vision and organization papers, silently observe community council circles and serve selflessly as inspired.

Visitor Requirements: Visitors are asked to make a minimum donation of $108 per week during their stay at the AUM HOME and to serve at least 2 hours a day of seva (selfless service through maintaining temple/living space, preparing meals, harvesting food, etc). Visitors are invited to join in community meals from the garden and are asked to contribute to the weekly food expenses, around $20-$30 per week per person depending on the parcel of land and the time of year.

At the end of two weeks visitors will circle with the community council to agree whether they will flow into the apprentice phase or remain as a visitor. Due to the profound spiritual shift and emotional/physical healing experienced through living in such a pristine environment in balance with the heart-circle of self referral, many devotees will choose to remain in the visitor phase to allow more time for healing and self reflection. And in other cases the heart-circle may encourage visitors to cultivate a higher inspiration of selfless service before entering the apprentice phase.

Apprentice (Phase 2)

Many people drawn to the Art of Union HOME come with limited degrees of skills and experiences in the myriad aspects of tropical permaculture and community co-creation. These devotees will be offered continual guidance and instruction and be given the opportunity to observe the co-creative process of community development. Apprentices will be encouraged to dive deeper into the mystery teachings of the community, find further inspiration in the sacred lands, receive individual guidance in the myriad forms of yoga, garden love, internal cleansing, lovairian live foods nutrition, and permaculture design.

Apprentice Requirements: Apprentices are asked to make a minimum donation of $54 per week during their stay at the AUM HOME. In addition to the 2 hours a day of seva, Apprentices will commit to at least 20 hours per week of creative karma yoga (selfless service in fulfilling any of the tasks that help the community evolve, i.e. working in the garden, on the farm, constructing buildings, painting signs, maintaining humanure systems, grooming horses, running errands, harmonizing community circles, internet research, marketing and web design, teaching outreach yoga classes, etc.)
Apprentices (and all Devotees) are invited to join in community meals from the garden and are asked to contribute to the weekly food expenses, around $20-$30 per week per person depending on the parcel of land and the time of year.

The apprentice phase is a time of continued healing, learning and mastering the art of selfless-service. It is a time for the apprentice to observe the community and for the community to observe the apprentice, a time for us all to feel alignment of vision and harmony of living within the heart-circle of self-referral. Apprentices will receive a bi-monthly evaluation to help guide their journey.

With the circles support, Apprentices will embrace the responsibility of jungle jedis (jediess) status. We recognize not all apprenticeships will be of the same duration. Some devotees will remember jedi consciousness quickly, many will need more time, and still others will continue on their journey. We realize the diversity of emerging communities, honor the nomadic nature of our universal family, and embrace the choice of every devotee to follow the inspiration of heart-mind divine and continue on their earthwalk.

Jungle Jedi (Jediess) (Phase 3)

- Despite the image portrayed through our contemporary Hollywood myth, we recognize jedis transcending the sexes, embodying self-mastery of the balanced god/goddess God within, and living in devotion to selfless service.

Among our international family of devotees to the new paradigm are many a permaculture pilgrim, galactivated light worker, seasoned sevite, and aspiring jedi master. The AUM HOME devotee activation program serves to inspire devotees to remember Jedi consciousness with ease and grace. Apprentices are recognized as AUM HOME jungle jedis, through consensus of the heart-circle as they embody the qualities of jedi consciousness and the commitment to becoming a pillar upholding the co-creation of our community.

Jungle Jedi Qualities:

  • Harmony


    • To be in grace and radiate a sense of well being
    • To be willing to give and receive feedback from the heart circle
    • To achieve and maintain detachment of the ego, (i.e. to remain in a constant state of self referral).
    • To make a commitment to attend weekly council circles
    • To demonstrate the ability to uphold the sacredness of the lands and sacred family through walking the path of the peaceful warrior and honoring the call of the Most High
    • To maintain a state of environmental awareness to protect and empower our sacred lands


  • Integrity


    • To accept the responsibility to take on projects/commitments and uphold the integrity to complete them
    • To master an area (areas) of expertise, and aspire to be a "jack of all trades, master of many"
    • To be ready to wear many hats, take on new responsibilities and assignments that expand our areas of expertise and comfort zones
    • To Maintain a daily practice that keeps us in alignment with the most high
    • To continually practice manifesting abundance for the greater good of the community, and to ask "not what the community can give to the I but what the I can give to the community"


  • Spiritual Balance


    • To be present and hold compassionate space to support other people's healing
    • To honor and support one another to take the time for entering silent mediation when needed
    • To practice some form of dialoging to support non-violent conflict resolution
    • To live the four agreements Ð do your best, not take anything personal, no assumptions and be impeccable with your word
    • To practice non-judgement
    • To practice radical forgiveness


  • Representation


    • To make an effort to master communication with the local residents of the valley to build bridges of trust and respect
    • To honor local perspectives regarding nudity, partaking in sacrament, and overt sexual display
    • To play an active role in educating initiates in the ways of the heart-circle
    • To be an ambassador to lovingly represent the AUM HOME with the greater community


AUM HOME Community Council Member (Final Phase)

The path to becoming an initiated member of the AUM HOME community council and fully participating member of the community is not clearly defined. There is no dollar amount of investment nor minimum time of service which guarantees integration into the community council. This is a process that will constantly be in evolution as the infrastructure and council of the Art of Union HOME community grows.

New council members will be accepted into the circle through a consensus process of the council. Devotees who have over time consistently demonstrated strength in the responsibilities of the jungle jedi, and "laid their life down for the well-being of the community" will naturally synergize into the harmony co-created by the community council and be invited into the council heart-circle.

Time-honored factors that will be considered for council membership are: alignment of vision, sweat equity, trust, financial investment, and resonance of vibration.

Responsibilities of Community Council Members


  • Council members are the pilots of the AUM HOME lightship.
  • The fundamental difference between the responsibilities of the jungle jedis and the community council members is their level of devotion to the harmony of the AUM HOME community.
  • Council members must be ready time and again to lay their life down for the community, and possibly to make personal sacrifices to ensure the well-being of the community.

  • As in all phases of the AUM HOME devotee program, the council members will be held in a constant state of self-referral through the reflections of the heart-circle.

Devotee Activation Program Notes

Universal Disclaimer
Just as we are all Devotees to the co-creation of our AUM HOME, we are all consciously teacher/students in the Universal School of Life. The strength of our community comes from our collective mastery, and only through honoring the gifts that we each have to share are we able to evolve symbiotically with universal family of sentient beings who come to offer love and light and color to our community. Although we have created this Devotee program to serve as a guideline to embrace new family, we recognize the limitations of form and honor that there will inevitably be exceptions to the rule.