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Private Retreats

With the Diamante Verde Sanctuary and HOME Farm now renovated and ready to receive visitors year-round, we joyously announce a full spectrum of private evolutionary retreats for you to choose from and to schedule at times that meet your needs.

We are currently offering three categories of private evolutionary retreats:

Holistic Awakening Retreat Series

Personal Empowerment Retreats

Devotional Retreats


Our Private Evolutionary retreats are designed to offer individuals, couples, families and spiritual groups (up to 13 people per retreat) an intimate evolutionary experience that suits your life-style and fulfills your highest intentions. Each retreat is tailored to the desired intensity of the participants (from gentle health-conscious spirited vacations to full-power immersions into dynamic rejuvenation practices, jungle adventure and conscious living.) Prior to each retreat, participants will receive an evolutionary profile designed to help you share your health history and express your highest aspirations for the retreat.













Dates: The Diamante Verde Sanctuary and Art of Union staff are available to host private evolutionary retreats throughout most of the year, depending on scheduled programs and events.

Please contact us to schedule your private retreat.