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Celestine Journey Private Retreat

An adventurous spiritual retreat
Into the raw communal beauty of Costa Rica

From Above to Below and from the Inside Out
We invite you to
Awaken your Divine Being!

The most valuable thing in life is a peaceful YOU!


That’s right - your health, well being, love of self, and feelings of unbridled child-like joy, are your keys to divine life. Achieving balance and harmony from the inside out allows all other aspects of life to seamlessly and effortlessly fall into graceful alignment!


Are you ready for a life-enhancing experience?

We have all heard that Nature is the great healer! Yet many of us find it difficult to make enough time (or even have a place to go) to experience the transformative power of nature in its most pure form. This eight-day retreat into the heart of the Costa Rica will immerse you into sacred lands where healing power of nature is still potent.



Join the Art of Union with Tenasi and James as your facilitators on this inward journey, with an intimate group limited to eleven participants, across the pure landscape of the Heaven on Mother Earth (H.O.M.E.) Community in Costa Rica. Beginning in the airy tundra of the high mountains, we will journey down through diverse landscapes and bioregions, ultimately being received by the purifying waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Throughout the journey, our three guides will enhance the raw natural healing of these sacred lands by guiding us through a heart-minded array yogic/shamanic practices to facilitate graceful inner transformation, soul-awakening, self-empowerment, and energetic balancing. We will also have an opportunity to witness the magical co-creation of this multi-cultural, new paradigm community. Our “H.O.M.E.” is a thriving example of people committed to living in sustainable harmony with the land, the plants, the animals, the local culture and all our relations. During our stay at the H.O.M.E. Farm we will be invited to sit in heart circle with members of the community and learn more about the true nature of community life and personal health.

Our accommodations along the way will be in rustic sanctuaries, including the Cathedral de Piedra , a massive natural stone cliff dwelling nestled behind a curtain of three waterfalls in the Diamante Verde Sanctuary . We will fall asleep at night with the sound of waterfalls and share dream space with the elements, while resting comfortably in cozy beds. After several nights of sleeping in open air shelters and “the cave”, we will indulge ourselves at the beach in the luxurious Villas Gaia .

We will nourish ourselves throughout the retreat with locally-grown organic produce, medicinal plants and fresh seafood. During our journey we will get a taste of traditional “Tico Campesino” meals as well as exquisitely prepared vegetarian whole/live-foods. At the beach we will have access to freshly caught seafood at fine restaurants.


Join us in rekindling your sense of child-like adventure!!

This Celestine Journey offers an enjoyable balance of spiritual & physical adventure, mental stimulation, solo time for contemplation, amazing food, comfort & plenty of relaxation.

• We will challenge ourselves to hike through tropical forests and horse-back ride over coastal mountains, and then nurture ourselves with massage, yoga and vital foods.
• We will have the opportunity to rappel off a dazzling waterfall or sit in tranquil meditation at its base.
We will wake before dawn for morning yoga and meditation, yet we will have time to take afternoon naps.


• This eight-day experience - for only $1888.00 per person 4-7 people
($1680.00 per person 8-12 people)
• Price includes all food, accommodations, local transportation (except flights)
including first and last night at the Hotel Riviera in San Jose
• For any further details, call James Ayotte, 239-825-1729 or contact



James Ayotte James Ayotte is a health promotion consultant, relaxation specialist and behavior change facilitator. He received a Masters of Science degree from Springfield College in the field of Health Promotion and Wellness Management with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Western New England College.
James has 15 years experience working with hospitals, HMO's, Corporations, high schools and community organizations self-empowering people of all ages to recognize their true potential as Divine Beings and to realize the importance of caring for their health in this equation.
tenasi face small 2006

Tenasi Rama

Co-founder of the Art of Union and HOME Community

Former creator of Movement Energy and Transformation Program at the Cliff Spa at Snowbird, with a Masters of Science in Environmental Engineering, seven years teaching experience in higher limbs yoga, nutritional consultant, certified tropical permaculture designer, and author of "Out of Thick Jungle". He now leads a humble life of service through sharing mystery school teachings, leading retreats, thriving off newer and newer forms of sunlight energy, creating gardens and devoting his entire being to the re-creation of Heaven on Mother Earth (HOME).



Celestine Journey Itinerary

Participants fly in to San Jose International Airport  arrange own transport to recommended hotel - Hotel Riviera near airport. Your room will be waiting for you. Pick-up from Hotel Riviera in Alejuela on a Wednesday morning.

The official first day of the tour will be at the Seeley's Mountain Top Eco-lodge.


Day 1 (Wednesday)

7:00a Breakfast Continental Breakfast
8:00a Transfer Pick-up at Hotel Riviera, near San Jose Airport, leave for Seeley's.
9:30a Activity

Arrive at Seeleys, Mountain top Eco Farm on Cerro de Muerte, official welcome/opening circle,introductions, share/set intentions for journey. Settle in.

12:00p Lunch Overview of itinerary, individual check-ins/special needs
1:00p Activity Property/botanical tour, castle tree!! Share family vision
4:00p Activity Free time
6:00p Dinner Local Cuisine
7:00 Activity Heart Circle








Day 2 (Thursday)

6:00a Breakfast with Seeleys

7:00a Transport To San Isidro for Thursday farmers market, "La feria"

8:30a Activity Farmers market and mini tour of San Isidro, internet use.

11:00a Lunch Argentinean restaurant

12:00p Transport To Biaguales ridge-top

1:00p Activity Talk with Community Founder - Jon Chapman

Share "Art of Union" vision of co-creating

Heaven on Mother Earth (HOME), Investment opportunities,

View properties

2:30p Activity Hike to Diamante Verde Sanctuary, arrive at the cave

5:00p Activity Catedral de Piedra (cave) orientation and "ourstory"

6:00p Dinner Jon and Tenasi share Diamante Verde Sanctuary vision

Day 3 (Friday)

6:00a Activity Higher Limbs Yoga with Tenasi

7:30a Breakfast

8:30a Activity Hike to natural pools/waterfall (Diamante falls 600')

10:00a Activity Garden tours with Tenasi

12:00p Lunch Picnic (fresh greens) at garden

3:30p Activity Sound Healing (SonicYoga) with Tenasi

6:00p Dinner

7:00p Activity Heart circle, bonfire and music, sleep in cave second night

Day 4 (Saturday)

6:30a Activity Breath-yoga session with Tenasi

8:00a Breakfast

9:00a Activity Garden tour, Hike to base camp

11:00a Transport to "Centro de Tiempo" (Center of Time)

10:15a Activity Walk property, share Jerry and Teya's vision

11:30a Lunch Traditional Tico meal prepared by locals

12:00p Activity Investment Return discussion - with Jon and Tenasi

Land Liberation and Sustainable Development Fund,

Cottage Industries, Community Service Outreach/Education

Eco-tourism (adventure/educational/spiritual retreats),

2:30p Transport to Heaven on Mother Earth (H.O.M.E.) Farm in San Salvador

3:00p Activity Free time

4:00p Activity Intro to H.O.M.E. Farm vision with farm Tour, local history talk

6:00p Dinner with Benji and Laura - whole foods menu

7:30p Activity Circus performance at Temple, talent night, dance, heart songs

with community members, sleep at HOME Farm


Day 5 (Sunday)

6:30a Activity Yoga in Temple

8:30a Breakfast

9:30a Activity Community living discussion- Community Council, inspired

consensus circle process, conflict resolution process, multi-

cultural community (Tico/gringo integration)

12:00p Lunch Picked fresh from garden by participants

Healing with live foods talk with Tenasi

1:30p Activity Healing Sessions - individuals choose: chakra clearing, past life

readings, didgeridoo healings, body work, etc.

3:00p Activity Free time to integrate until dinner or sweat

5:00p Activity Sweat lodge

6:00p Dinner (for those not participating in sweat)

7:00 Activity Heart circle, bonfire and music, Sleep at HOME Farm

Day 6 (Monday)

6:00a Activity Sunrise Yoga with Tico work crew

7:00a Breakfast

8:00a Activity Optional rappel Baru Falls or Hike to Baru Falls pools

10:00a Lunch Picnic at Baru Falls pools

11:00a Activity Optional hike/horseback 2.5 km (2 hours) to the Escaleras ridge

(or transport those who choose not hike/horse to Escaleras)

2:00p Activity Escaleras Mentors Center discussion - development of

high-end permaculture community with conference center

4:00p Transport Arrive Villas Gaia- free time

6:30p Dinner At Villas Gaia restaurant

8:00p Activity Heart Circle in Hot Tub

Day 7 (Tuesday)

6:00a Activity Sunrise Yoga

7:00a Breakfast At hotel -

8:00a Activity Ventanas Beach Trip - heart circle, where do we go from


11:00a Transport Back to Villa Gaia to shower change

12:00p Lunch La Parcela Restaurant

1:30p Activity Free time for afternoon workshops or dominical visit

6:00p Dinner

7:00p Activity Pool Party with Celestine Journey guides, sleep second night at Villas Gaia


Day 8 (Wednesday) (departure day)

6:00a Activity Sunrise Yoga

8:00a Breakfast At hotel


9:30a Transport Back to San Jose


3:30p Activity Arrive at Hotel La Riviera