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Heaven on Mother Earth
This vision of a glabal HOME for the children of god-goddess God is not unique to the Art of Union or our HOME community, but is becoming a common vision held by awakening planetary beings all over the globe. Whether it is known by many names or one, we will all recognize Heaven on Mother Earth.

In the vision of recreating Heaven On Mother Earth (HOME), our HOME must become a global network of eco-villages, food forests, rainbow corridors, school of life campuses, mystery schools, ashrams, urban oasises, retreat centers, cottage industry complexes, and new energy deveopment facilities, etc. In order to support sustainable trade and equal exchange of goods and services, the HOME nodes will appear up and down the corridors of sacred land where family already lives and travels.

Curently much of the family that supports the common vision of recreating HOME lives and travels throughout Cascadia on the western coast of Turtle Island (North America), and it is there the seeds for recreating HOME have been planted. Due to restrictive building codes and increasingly unstable political conditions in that area of the world, intention and energy is gathering to spread those seeds throughout Latin America, the Pacific Islands and the most tolerant parts of Asia.

Rather than being contiguous corridors of land, the global HOME network will appear as islands of sacred land, allowing teachers, healers, musicians and merchants to travel into the cities and denser uban environments to shine light, and return HOME.

As this common vision of recreating HOME spreads through the family, more and more sacred lands will become included in the global HOME network. As sovereign citizens within this HOME network, we angelic beings in heaven on mother earth are and will continue to be the gaurdians of Eden.

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