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Land Trusts

Harmonizing Intentions

Our HOME in Costa Rica already consists of over three hundred acres on four individual parcels spanning an eight mile corridor of land over two mountian ranges and several bio-regions. In the fullfillment of our vision of creating Heaven on Mother Earth (HOME) and the Rainbow Corridor, we will hopefully be purchasing additional thousands of acres within the next five years.

Within our HOME, we are creating myriad intentions for different sections of land.

  • Conservation
  • Food Forest
  • Wilderness Spiritual Sanctuary
  • Professional Healing Center
  • Retreat Center
  • Community Housing
  • Private Housing
  • Campus / School
  • Permaculture Farms
  • Bio-fuels Production Center
As we create the legal community structure of our HOME in Costa Rica, different types of trusts are being created for different land uses.

Conservation Land Trust
As we anticipate future development in the Chiripo Sector of Costa Rica, and work together to protect the most sacred and vital sections of land, we are creating a conservation trust to allow watersheds, old-growth forests and fragile lands to remain in their wild state.

Of critical need to be placed in the conservation land trust are approxiamately 1,000 acres of land along the Tinamaste Mts. This remote area covered in primal jungle, secondary forests and pasture land, contains the entire watershed for Diamante Falls and the Baru River. If we act quickly, this pristine land can still be purchased at a low price and placed into the conservation land trust.

To make a donation or become involved in the Tinamaste Land Conservation Trust
please contact Tenasi Rama at the Art of Union, or Jon Chapman through Tree of Life Adventures.


Co-housing Land Trust
In some parts of our HOME in Costa Rica, we have set up the opportunity for family to purchase or lease individual plots of land, designated as co-housing area for multiple families to share and maintain a degree of private ownership. These lands are sold with the caveat that any sale of the land must be offered back to the community at market value.

Community Land Trust
A majority of the cultivated land where family will be living will be in a community land trust. We envision simple housing structures built in clusters around central kitchens and community centers. No one living in these areas will have individual ownership of the land, but rather have common interest in the land as a whole.

Service Land Trust

As a primary aspect of our lives at HOME will be in service, through running healing centers, retreat space, schools, campuses, etc; a service land trust will hold all of the land intended for these activities.

Additional Trusts

As our HOME community is still in the evolutionary stages of land trust development, we are open to additional types of land management needs arising and requiring additional lands trusts.

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