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Our HOME in Costa Rica

Welcome HOME
Heaven On Mother Earth (HOME) in Costa Rica is an expanding conscious "come-unity" offering a heart-centered environment supporting and celebrating our unified spiritual evolution, and our physical and mental well-being. Lovingly, we come together in selfless service to practice harmony within ourselves, among one another, and in our relationship with Mother Earth.

Our HOME is located in the Chirripo sector on the southwest coast of Costa Rica between the beach town of Dominical and San Isidro del General, a thriving agricultural city at the base of Mount Chirripo, the tallest mountain in Central America. Midway between the slopes of Mount Chirripo and the Pacific Ocean, an independent mountain range called Tinamaste rises up to create the watershed for the pristine Baru River. On its way to the sea, this sparkling clean water gushes down over 12 waterfalls including Costa Rica's tallest, the 600 foot Diamante Falls. The valley carved out by the Baru River is one of Costa Rica's most scenic areas with dramatic views of the ocean, and fertile farmlands.

Our HOME currently encompasses over 300 acres of land spanning several parcels: from the coast south of Dominical up to the Tinamaste Mountains above the Diamante Water Falls.

Las Perlas del Mar - less than a mile from the ocean in the foothills of the coastal mountains with one of the most stunning coastal views of all of Costa Rica, the Pearls of the Sea is a budding youth rehabilitation center with a focus on the arts, and also holds the intention for being a campus for vocational training with community co-housing and a temple.

HOME Farm- nestled in the San Salvador valley between the coastal mountains and the Tinmaste mountains is the lush 50-acre farm appropriately called "the fruits of the earth." This prolific permaculture farm in the heart of our HOME holds our intention for the creation of a world-class health and wellness center, with a focus on yoga and performance arts.

Diamante Verde Spiritual Sanctuary - stretching up the only ridge line from the San Salvador valley up to the Tinamaste Mountains, this wilderness ashram is the home of Diamante falls and the "Cathedral de Piedra": an open-air cave nestled behind roaring waterfalls in the heart of the jungle.

The Jewels of Heaven - spanning several miles along the sheer ridge of the Tinamaste mountains, this epic land holds much potential, and awaits further inspiration.

Our HOME is blessed with diverse geographic bioregions, climates, and natural wonders including expansive ocean views, lush jungle mountains, sparkling rivers and breathtaking waterfalls. For the past decade these inspirational lands have held space for transformational retreats, outdoor adventures, family activities and offered a tranquil setting for self-reflection.

Through the Art of Union and Tree of Life Adventures, we now offer a full spectrum of spiritual adventures, evolutionary retreats, apprenticeships and work exchange for people of all walks of life and from a wide variety of spiritual and religious back grounds.

Through the creation of our HOME nodes in Costa Rica, we are constructing an integrated web of living environments to nurture people in all phases of life.

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