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Our HOME in Costa Rica - Diamante Verde Sanctuary

Diamante Verde
and the "Catedral de Piedra"

A Wilderness Ashram
The Diamante Verde Spiritual Sanctuary, home to the Catedral de Piedra and Diamante Falls, is one of the most powerful healing vortexes on the planet. Spanning the magnificent western slope of the Tinamaste Mountains with stunning views overlooking the coastal mountains and the Pacific Ocean 2500 feet below, it is an island in the sky where the healing waters of the Baru River are born.

From the 3,300 foot summit, the crystaline waters of the Baru River literally drop off the end of the world and plummet 1,500-feet down a steep canyon to the Catedral de Piedra, before taking the 600-foot plunge off Diamante Falls to the valley floor below.

A two hour hike up through an ancient growth jungle brings visitors to the wilderness ashram, the Catedral de Piedra, a massive natural cliff-dwelling within the womb of the mountain, above Diamante falls. The main flow of the Baru River flows over the top of the Catedral de Piedra creating a powerful energetic vibration that has provided a sanctuary for shamans and healers for thousands of years.


"The mere journey to this sacred cave often catalyzes profound transformation."

Within the Catedral de Piedra, a natural spring of crystaline drinking water flows right out of the mountain and fuels the fully equipped professional kitchen. Giant hand-crafted stone beds with mattresses provide royal sleeping accommodations for up to 25 people, and a pair of elegant composting toilets offer a sustainable and sanitary solution minimizing human impact on the jungle eco-system.


The Seven Sacred Pools of Diamante

Within an hour's hike from the Catedral de Piedra are the seven sacred pools and waterfalls of Diamante Verde sanctuary, whose beauty stretches the imagination of a jungle cave-dwelling yogi.


Diamante Verde Infrastructure Project Management

In order accomodate better and more sustainably the flow of people that will be coming to the Diamante Verde Healing Sanctuary, we have created a list of improvement projects that need to be implemented within the next two years. The Church of AUM will be financing some of the more critical improvements and we are putting it out there for family to make donations to help finance any of the additional projects. If you are interested in making a contribution towards the Diamante Verde Healing Sanctuary, and would like to see a list of the proposed projects and their anticipated costs, please contact us for more information.

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