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In service toward a sustainable future

Permaculture is the applied science of creating an intimate, symbiotic relationship between people and nature. Through this symbiosis we begin to see our relationship within the web of life and are able to move forward toward a sustainable future of bio-diversity in which we can recreate eco-philosophy.

Permaculture design, including community planning, agro-forestry, and new energy technologies offer sustainable solutions to the senseless devastation of modern day agriculture and the nuclear family paradigm. Imagine living in a car-free community where all the kids are enrolled in the universal school of life and everyone is being nourished with fresh organic foods grown in the community with its parks and common grounds forested with naturally adaptive fruit & nut trees and edible & medicinal plants. Such utopic communities and townships are already sprouting up in conscious pockets of the planet as the seeds of Permaculture wisdom spread from roof-top gardens to urban orchards to large scale organic farms to food forest corridors.

The Art of Union, in co-creation with other sustainable communities in Costa Rica, is proposing the vision of a Rainbow Corridor : an agro-economic land route from the Pacific Ocean around Mount Chirripo to the Caribbean Sea, along which Permaculture pilgrims will be able to travel, work and learn the recipe for permanent sustainable culture in a full spectrum of elevations.