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Conscious Nutrition

Within our omni-dimensional evolution of spirit, body and mind, we must feed our light bodies. As children of man we have been tricked into consuming denatured, processed foods laden with toxic chemicals and addictive substances, which are creating an epidemic of degenerative dis-eases within our culture.

To reverse this process and reclaim our divine birthright as children of god/goddess God living in our HOME we must relearn to cleanse, purify and nurture our living temples or earth-suits with wisdom, eating organic, whole foods in their most vital form.

At the Art of Union, we aspire to become Lovairians - Ancient beings thriving off of Love, Breath and Sunlight. We offer nutritional guidance and encouragement for each individual to pursue an ideal path of ease and grace to restore health, wholeness and omni-dimensional awareness through gradual transition into a Lovairian Live Foods Live-it. This conscious path of nutritional evolution from "where we are now" to "that what we will become" we call Food Yoga. Like all forms of yoga within the Art of Union, our process of Internal Purification is a dance of personal rediscovery. Food Yoga strengthens our intuition, wisdom and resolve to eat food as a medicine rather than an addiction.