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Food Yoga

The Path of Conscious Nourishment
The conscious path of human evolution from "where we are now" to "that what we will become", from children of man to children of god/goddess God, from dense lead-like beings to luminescent golden beings demands that we increase our awareness in all facets of our omni-dimensional nature.

Just as we come into awareness of our physical muscular-skeletal bodies through asana yoga and of our breath through pranayama, we come into greater awareness of our digestive organs and metabolic system through the practice of Food Yoga. Like all forms of yoga within the Art of Union, it is a dance of personal rediscovery. Food Yoga strengthens our intuition, wisdom and resolve to eat food as a medicine rather than an addiction.

The myriad paths of food yoga are a part of all ancient mystical teachings. In India, Food Yoga is the science of Ayurveda. At the Art of Union we fuse ancient traditions with rediscovered practices of


  • live-food nutrition
  • internal bathing
  • juice fasting
  • mono-food cleansing
  • food combining
  • wild-crafting
  • lunar cycling and
  • sun gazing

to create person-specific nutritional plans to guide our family back into a state of health, wholeness and omni-dimensional super-consciousness.

Thus, although all the members of our community are not raw-foodists, we can offer live foods and raw foods to those who have chosen this path.