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Lovairian Live Foods 'Live-it'

As we enter the AUM Retreats at the Diamante Verde Sanctuary, we will all make the commitment to nourish our beings with enzymatically active, live foods. The Lovairian Live Foods Chef Collective will help reprogram our "diet" with a "live-it" full of in-season exotic tropical fruit, roots, greens, and sprouted grains prepared with the artistic grace of the raw gourmet. As our aim is to embrace all beings who come, we provide a whole spectrum of vegan  (including cooked) foods. 

During these cleansing retreats we will nurture our bodies with sparkling fresh water, love and compassion and afterwards we will recharge ourselves with farm fresh produce, mineral supplements, superfoods and alchemical elixirs. We will also learn the basics of indigenous tropical edibles and medicinals and we will supplement our diet with as many native plants as possible.

All these steps we make now to feed our light bodies are preparing us with ease and grace to make the energetic transformation to truly becoming beings of light with the ability to nourish our bodies directly from source, the infinite love of sunlight.