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higher limbs yoga

Long ago in the dawn of creation, when all things emerged from the one, god/goddess God, or the void, there was a split in consciousness which chose to identify itself as separate from all else. This separateness allowed the experience of life to be an individual experience unique unto itself. Unfortunately along with individuality came the disillusion that there was a separation from the source of all creation, from God. And just as a child cries when it is away from its mother so too do the children of God cry when they believe they are separate from their infinite divine parent.

Thus was born the ancient immortal science of Yoga, or union with God. Throughout the ages, Masters from around the world, in their own languages and cultures, created forms of Yoga, the Life Science that guides all beings to our divine origins, like drops of water returning to the ocean. The practice of Yoga offers pathways to move from duality and suffering to an awakened state of peace, grace and an 'overstanding' of our true identity. Yoga offers a timeless unconditional heart-mind, or Christ consciousness, that can unify all human beings together in harmony despite color, culture or cast.

These ancient teachings of yoga, like star seeds, shined out to all levels of consciousness, branched out along many cultures and set the foundation for all religions, mystery schools and spiritual paths across the planet. While a few of these seeds have remained pure and free, many have become diluted or secretive, preventing many a seeker from tasting their sweet nectar. However, we now live in a historic moment in time, when these teachings of masters past and present, east and west are coming together, being refined and shared to communicate the light of yoga, a unified soul theory, at the speed of thought.

The Art of Union, Introductory Yoga and Higher Limbs Yoga comprises the most effective elements of these sacred teachings to offer a system of living yoga that transforms our physical, mental and spiritual bodies, opens up and balances the flow of energy through all of the chakras (energy centers), connects us with the divine love of God/Goddess and our sacred family (sangha), and allows universal light (chi, prana, etc) to flow through us between mother earth and father sun. We use playful imagery, powerful breathwork, guided meditations, ecstatic dancing, songs of the heart, flowing asanas, partner poses, flower of life geometry, galactic time calendars, and sacred sounds to coach each other in the Art of Union.