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Higher Limbs Yoga

Congratulations! Through your commitment to your yoga practice, your body is limber and supple, you sit longer and more often in meditation, the chattering monkeys of your mind have been somewhat stilled and you are beginning to feel a sense of inner peace.

Now What?

Come explore Higher Limbs Yoga: A living system of yoga developed specifically for emerging initiates of the aquarian age. Higher Limbs Yoga condenses secret spiritual teachings from around the globe into a simplified practice leading modern evolutionaries through galactic activation to cosmic consciousness.



In Higher Limbs Yoga you will learn:


  • Breathwork, a complete science integrating taoist yoga techniques with pranayama exercises to strengthen, stretch, expand, and sensitize your lungs, cleanse your emotional well, strengthen your intuitive abilities, and bring focused yoga into all facets of your waking and dream worlds as you strive to be "living" yoga.
  • Bandhas and Mudras, Bandhas are sequences of muscular contractions necessary to open up your internal flood gates of vital life source. Mudras are precise hand signals that allow fine tuned alignment with the flow of universal qi.
  • Contact Yoga, the synergistic art of allowing, trusting and empowering your inward exploration of movement and breath to merge with the sacred presence of one or more divine beings.
  • Internal Energy Transformation, the energetic visualizations of the applied spiritual science of Kundalini Tantra Yoga. Become a conduit of subtle energy (qi, space dust, prana, ether) by opening up to the vital flow of nectar between the earth & sky, mother gaia & father sun, ocean, tree & mountain river rushing eternally.
  • Applied Energy Transformation, techniques to actively breathe in lower human energies: i.e. pain, suffering, grief, greed, anger, fear, loathing, and sorrow during your waking meditation and transform them to unconditional love, radiating without expectations, embodying balanced God/Goddess archetypal energy of pure compassion.
  • Sonic Yoga, the art of expression, the keys to unlocking and activating your fifth chakra, the mysteries of Tuvan throat chanting, Tibetan overtone chanting, and Australian didj talk, circular breathing and circular toning.
  • Dream Yoga - simple daily practices to clarify your dreams, and yogic tips to merge your dream and waking lives.
  • Heartfelt mantras and songs that will help you return to and never fall from a graceful state of self love and love for all creation.
  • Public Yoga , meditations and yogic exercises you are encouraged to perform in public to strengthen, balance, root and spread your angelic wings.
  • Prerequisite: A desire to become a fully galactivated being and co-creator in the ebb and flow of lay lines and Christ consciousness network around, through and of the earth. Partial mastery of asana yoga and the ability to sit for extended periods recommended.

    Evolutionaries who gain mastery in the Higher Limbs Yoga will become prepared to join Tenasi and the AUM crew in higher level Mystery School Teachings.